Here you will find information and details about the progress of the construction on our San Francisco home, Chateau BobJoe!   It was a very exciting and challenging construction process, but well worth the finished result!



Finishing Touches


Lion Dance

House Warming






Day1   -   Blessing Celebration

Demo   -   Demolition begins

Excavation   -   Excavation and framing begins for the foundation supports

Demo Cleanup   -   Demolition Cleanup

05/11/03 There has been a 2 month delay because we wanted to replace a supporting wall with a steal beam. The change has been approved and now the workers are back to work.

Pour Day   -   Pouring the concrete foundation

First Walls   -   Framing begins and the First Walls Go Up!

New Support Beam   -   06/12/03 Bob gets a new steal beam for his birthday!

Wider Garage   -   With new steel beams we have a garage that can hold four cars

Second Floor Framing   -   Second floor begins to take shape as a bigger place

Third Floor Framing   -   We have waited a long time to be able to walk around on the THIRD FLOOR!

Finally Roofed   -   Amazingly enough we got the roof on the day before it began to rain

11/15/03 We stood on the new 3rd floor roof and now we want a 4th floor.  Back to the drawing board, notify the neighbors and prepare for a 3 month delay.

Plumbing   -   While we wait for the new permit, work progresses on the lower floors.

Windows   -   Our custom Marvin windows and doors arrive and they are fantastic!

02/15/04 Yea! We have the permit approved for the new 4th floor.  Bring back the crew and rip off the roof... again!

Fourth Floor!   -   We are finally able to begin construction of the 4th floor walls.

Spring Again   -   Extension of the project has brought us into Spring as the exterior gets finished.

Finish Preparation   -   Final preparation before walls are closed up with sheetrock.

Sheetrock Arrives   -   Sheetrock truck has finally arrived. Great-heaping-piles of sheetrock!

Skim Coat   -   The skim coat makes the walls almost look finished.

Bath Tile   -   Bathrooms get decked out in limestone and marble.

Garage Floor   -   Sewer line has been dug, and the new garage floor is poured. Kitchen Cabinets arrive!

Hardwood Floors   -   The Quartersawn Red Oak and Brazilian Walnut has arrived for our new hardwood floors.

Granite Countertops   -   Our granite for our countertops has arrived! Thanks to Joe's brother and his mother, we have beautiful undercounter Blanco sinks!

Wine Cellar   -   Bob builds shelves for our new Wine Cellar and granite arrives for the fireplace and wet bar in the Media Room!

Light Fixtures   -   Our new light fixtures have finally been installed and the electrical hookup is on!

Clean Up   -   Cleaning the tile work and installing stained glass.

Piano Arrives   -   Our new Yamaha Clavinova has arrived! It is like a mini-baby grand. We call him "Mini Me".

TV Cabinet   -   The entertainment center for our TV has been built and our new Sony 70" XBR Grand WEGA is here!.

Shower Glass and Stair Rails   -   The shower glass came in the wrong size and had to be reordered, but now the finished glass is finally in place and we can take a shower! The wait for stair rails was much longer than expected and we have been worried that someone might fall over the edge, now they are in and they look great!

New Furniture   -   Some of our new furniture is in, at least enough furniture to live on. We are leaving the rest of our old furniture in the Belmont Condo to stage it for showing to potential buyers.

Exterior Clean Up   -   Final details to the exterior and we will be done. Plans are for a stone patio in the back and epoxy paint on the garage floor to make it look clean and sharp!

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